Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Integrity, intellectualism and stick-to-itiveness are fundamental to our business practice, and therefore, to the value and validity of our service.

We actively market no more than three assignments, which neither compete, conflict nor confuse potential investors.

We strive to assist and advise our General Partner clients on not only the timing and size of the upcoming fund raise but the critically important pre-marketing of their fund.

We are most concerned with the quality of people we represent and those to which we market – the size of the General Partner fund and the commitment level of the Limited Partner investor are secondary.

Business Continuity Plan

In accordance with federal requirements Denning and Company, LLC maintains a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) that describes what steps will be taken to ensure the continuity of our business operation in the event of an unanticipated disaster. The plan has been designed with procedures to ensure that client documentation will be accessible and that contact between Denning and Company, LLC and its clients will be sustained. Copies of the BCP are available upon request.