Our Process

Prepare & present a powerful, compelling investment opportunity

Through intensive pre-marketing planning and presentation preparation, our G.P. clients are well equipped to market their funds.

Create a successful experience for both G.P.s & L.P.s

By providing highly personalized, senior-level attention throughout the fund raising process, we strive to exceed the expectations of our private equity fund managers. We avoid unnecessary meetings.

Execute on our commitment to get the fund raised

Careful selection of fewer, non-competitive assignments permits us to provide a concentrated marketing effort unblurred by multiple funds in the market.

Limited Partners


We have a responsibility to prospective investors, the L.P.s to which we market, to understand their needs, their capacity and to respect their investment process.


We strive to understand each L.P.'s individual interests and act as a filter by pre-screening, aligning and qualifying prospective investments based on best practices and thorough due diligence.


We serve as a conduit of information by keeping our L.P. clients apprised of the latest industry intelligence, changing terms and conditions, and by identifying and introducing attractive emerging managers. We facilitate the exchange of new ideas by sponsoring educational forums, engaging L.P.s in conference speaking assignments and sharing our market research openly.

Commitment to our Limited Partners

We maintain our valued relationships with our Limited Partner network, both domestic and international, beyond the completion of our fund raising assignments. We consider this commitment of paramount importance to the integrity of our business.

General Partners


We ensure that our G.P. client is properly equipped to commence the fund raising mission by establishing a pre-marketing strategy, assisting in the preparation of all materials, and honing presentation skills.


We strive to make the fund raising process most efficient by pre-qualifying potential investors and ensuring that we match General Partners only with interested parties.


Limiting the number of concurrent assignments enables us to sustain maximum momentum in the marketplace. Our objective is to serve as our partner's strongest advocate and trusted advisor. We work shoulder-to-shoulder until the fund is closed.

Post-Marketing Presence

We extend our marketing and relationship services beyond the completion of fund raising by keeping our current and potential limited partners updated on significant milestones relating to our G.P. clients.